9 terrible reactions of our organism to stress

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Everyone knows how our body responds to stress: the body is weakening, the pressure jumps, the energy at zero, as in the rabbit with advertising batteries. But what about whistling in the ears and regular jogging to the "porcelain one"? This is already a serious bell, hinting that you urgently need to calm down and try to relax.

Recent studies by the European and American Medical Association have identified nine strange reactions to stress in the body:

1. Are you going to an exam or interview tomorrow? Maybe you're going to make a suggestion to your girlfriend? Then get rid that the release of adrenaline and other hormones of stress blood can lead to severe headache and even migraines. And these harmful hormones can negatively affect the areas of the brain responsible for analysis, planning and critical thinking. The result: you mumble, you can not pick up the right words and make a completely absurd impression.

2. A stressful state can trigger another, even less pleasant reaction in the body: the adrenocorticotropic hormone causes discontinuation of the small intestine, and the person wants to go to the toilet (in the people this condition is called "bear cure").

3. Dermatologist's opinion at the University of Miami: Stress plays an important role in the development of such skin diseases as local hyperhidrosis (hyperhidrosis), urticaria, atopic dermatitis, itchy skin (among the psychosomatic symptoms there is one called "nervous scabies").

4. The response to a viral illness is usually symptoms such as runny nose, coughing or bone pain. Stress affects the weakening of the immune system, which means that our body becomes more susceptible to colds. Thus, viral symptoms may last even longer, as shown by studies conducted at the Carnegie Mellon University.

5. Days spent in a stressful state can affect the condition of the hair follicle. One of the most common reactions of the body to stress is the loss of hair, which can last for several months, even if the mental state has already improved.

6. Stress affects not only the hair, but also the nails, and in most cases it occurs due to the obsessive habits of people gnawing nails for a mental reassurance. In addition, with a large release of the stress hormones of acetylcholine, absorption by the body of silicon - a trace element that adds a fort to our nails - is disturbed.

7. Studies in Sweden have found that widespread stress response is ringing in the ears and hearing problems that appear due to the exacerbation of a sensitive auditory system.

8. In a stressful state, even seemingly light scratches, cuts and irritation require a long time to heal.

9. Hormones of stress can affect the gastrointestinal tract, hence the state of gravity, pain in the epigastric region that does not pass after taking antacids (drugs that normalize the acidity of the stomach), bloating.

9 terrible reactions of our organism to stress
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