9 symptoms of border disorder

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A person must constantly demonstrate a behavioral pattern that includes at least five of these symptoms:

1. Extreme reactions - including signs of panic, depression, anger, or illogical actions

2. Propensity for intense and violent relations with family, friends and relatives, with polar manifestations of love, hostility and anger

3. Distortion and instability of the individual, which may lead to sudden changes in feelings, or changes in goals and plans for the future.

4. Impulsive and often dangerous behavior: huge expenses, moody, dangerous sex, drug abuse, carelessness at the wheel, and overeating.

5. Repetitive episodes of suicidal behavior or self-mutilation (cuts)

6. Intense mood swings, with episodes, lasts from several hours to several days.

7. Chronic sense of emptiness and/or boredom

8. Strong anger or problems with emotional control

9. Stress-related paranoid thoughts or loss of connection with reality.

For example, people with frontal disorder of the person frustrate even a small separation from a close person, for example, business trips.

Studies show that people with frontal disorders are able to see anger on an emotionally neutral face. A total of 80 percent of people with personality disorder show signs of suicidal behavior, and approximately 4 to 9 percent tried to commit suicide. Self-harm associated with borderline personality disorder - it's cuts, burns, hair loss, etc. People with borderline personality disorder cause harm to control their emotions in this way in order to punish themselves or express their pain.

Unlike "real" suicide attempts, samoposhkodzhennya arises from a desire to die, however, it can be life-threatening.

9 symptoms of border disorder
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