9 best ways to cope with back pain

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Many of us are familiar with the state of the rumors, when in the back are "col", in the back "stone", and each movement responds "shot" along the entire back and in the head. Sometimes the pain is how strong and paralyzing that state can be characterized: "do not come back to me, do not bend, do not bend". Among the causes may be trauma, the consequences of lifting heavy things, or sleep in an uncomfortable position. In this case, it often hurts not only transverse - often "shoots" the entire cervical spine, pinching the nerve in the chest. These listed symptoms can be the consequence of many diseases, and only a specialist can determine their nature and prescribe appropriate treatment.

The following simple tips will help keep your back in the "working" state:

1 We need to move as much as possible. The most serious enemy of the spine is a sedentary lifestyle. Remember - the vertebrae and intervertebral discs need to be trained and worn more often. 2 It is recommended that the muscles that hold the spine be swirled as much as possible and which should be strong and trained. In addition, it is also good to "pump" the abdominal muscles so that they hold you and do not allow too much flex in the back, muscles of the breasts, arms and legs.

3 Very useful stretch marks. Remember - muscles need not only workout, but also stretching. In this case, the best helper is yoga. Excellent help and gymnastics Pilates - a set of exercises specifically for the development of back muscles. Swimming also perfectly stretches the spine.

4 Be sure to watch the posture. The shoulders need to be folded, and the back is straight. Remember, the stronger we bend, the heavier the spine. And yet - lift the heavy objects right. You do not have to bend from your waist, but bend your knees and keep your back straight.

5. It's important to keep track of your weight. This is obvious: excess weight is an unnecessary burden on the spine.

6 For chronic back pain, visit a specialist. The doctor will give individual recommendations and the mode of the day, and the degree of physical activity, based on the individual characteristics of your disease, will help you to find the appropriate set of exercises.

7 Flexibility should be taken. Excessive tension and muscle contraction can cause back pain. One of the great exercises to improve flexibility: sit on the edge of the bed, pull out one leg, and the second is lowered to the floor. Start stretching the hip biceps, leaning forward, while keeping your back straight.

8 Try to apply ice and warmth. The alternation of electric hotplates and cold compresses will help to alleviate the condition if the back "clines". Most doctors recommend using the ice for the first 48 hours after the injury - especially if there is swelling - and then go to heat.

9 Be sure to spit correctly. Remember - a dream is very important and also an important place in which you have a rest. If you are sleeping on your back, be sure to put the pillow under your knees. If you are sleeping on the side, then put the pillow between the knees so that the spine is held in neutral position. Sleep on the abdomen leads to unnatural bends of the neck and head, which in turn can cause excessive loads on the back.

9 best ways to cope with back pain
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