8 tips how to survive the day after a sleepless night

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If the night could not sleep, and get up early in the morning, we offer you advice on how to survive the effects of a sleepless night.

Do not sit behind the wheel

Not a small percentage of accidents happens because the driver has fallen asleep at the wheel. Because of the monotonous movements and the boring "traffic jams", it forces you to close your eyes for a few seconds.

It is better to leave the car at all and use public transport, in the extreme case - a taxi.


Try not to read long, boring texts or do not sit long before the monitor. If, however, it is impossible to avoid monotonous work, as often as possible, break or change the type of activity.


Try to lie down for at least 1.5 hours. The entire sleep cycle is divided into 1.5-hour intervals, and if you manage to take a nap at least one cycle, you will certainly feel a surge of strength.

Take a nap

Break the day for breaks and select 10 minutes for a light nap. If you really want to sleep strongly, this time the body will suffice to enter the phase of a slow sleep.

After awakening you will feel a surge of forces. But do not take a nap. Do not increase 10 minutes to 40, then you get a straight-to-back effect.

Bright light

With a bright light, the chances of falling asleep less. Bright lighting reduces the production of a hormone of sleep - melatonin. Slide the curtains and turn on the light.

Take a shower and refresh yourself

Contrasts (alternating cold and hot water) will help you to wake up. If there is no opportunity to take a full bath - do not wash the face and neck with cool water. Do not take hot baths, they even spoiled you more.

Drink coffee

Charge caffeine is enough for 3-4 hours. If for some reason you can not drink coffee, drink a glass of cold water every half hour.

Have a bite

In order not to reorganize the body, it is better to eat something light (yoghurt, apple, salad). Food stabilizes the level of sugar in the blood. Do not eat greasy, sweet or heavy food. On its digestion the body will spend a lot of effort, and you will want to sleep even more. If you can not eat, do not eat gum, it's difficult for the body to fall asleep with anything in the mouth.

And remember, a healthy dream is 7-8 hours a day.

8 tips how to survive the day after a sleepless night
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