7 tips for ears health

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There are several causes of ear illnesses, such as love for loud music and air travel that are accompanied by pressure transitions. How to save your ears?

We all know well how swimming can affect the health of the hearing. However, besides this, there are a number of reasons for the emergence of ear illnesses, for example, the love of listening to loud music in the headphones and air travel, accompanied by pressure transitions. Here are some tips to help you keep your hearing healthy not only in the summer time period but also throughout the year.

Tip # 1: Avoid listening to the poppy music

As a result of a poll conducted by senior school children, it turned out that 28% of them had to increase their sound when watching a TV to comfortably hear it. Approximately the same number of children (29%) regularly question the interlocutor about what he said using the words "a" and "what." Smaller, but also a very significant part (17%) regularly hear the noise or ringing in the ears.

Until now, all these symptoms have been observed in older people. However, in recent times the problem has essentially become "younger".

Listening to music through the headphones results in a direct directed effect of the sound waves on the inner ear. As a result, damage to the sensory cells, which transforms the sound vibrations into the nerve impulse, is perceived directly by our brain. At the same time, hearing loss may occur as a result of prolonged exposure to loud sounds and as a result of a sudden ocular defeat. "The sound in the headphones should be so loud that those around can not hear it," says Bruce Maddy, a child's otorhinolaryngologist, "if you do not hear The sound is brought to the car, then the sound is too loud ". Specialists advise to observe the following rules to preserve the acuity of hearing:

7 tips for ears health
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