5 reasons for bad sleep

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A sleep is vital to any person, and sometimes neglects it for health. According to medical statistics, various sleep disorders occur in 45% of the adult population of the Earth.

The most common sleep disturbance is insomnia. Causes of sleep disorders can be numerous. So, insomnia can be caused by some diseases, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, as well as some medications, emotional stress, various external factors.

It is not necessary to tolerate insomnia, especially since it is curable. You only need to make the necessary changes in your way of life and abandon bad habits, as well as avoid the five most common factors that can lead to sleepless nights.

External factors

The light of a lantern from the street, a noisy walk from the neighbors above, constant phone calls - all of this can lead to a person who can not sleep.

Full-fledged sleep when the electric light is on, the TV, computer can only be a person with very strong nerves or drunk. Therefore, in order to easily fall asleep and wake up, you must take care of the comfortable conditions of your sleep in advance.

Comfortable sleeper, tight curtain curtains, turned off phone and contract with loud neighbors guarantee a calm sleep.

Information boom

Modern society sociologists are not in vain called informational. Uncontrolled flows of information are continuously delivered to a person both through communication, and through the Internet, especially social networks, television, radio, and various printed media.

To quietly fall asleep and not project nightmares, seen on the eve of the TV, in their dreams, simply restrict access to information.

Of course, no one is forbidden to use the internet or watch a TV, but stay tuned until late at night should not be: it's better to spend time on a dream.

Emotional tension

Most people in the world suffer from stress. Avoiding emotional stress is very difficult: nobody is immune to traffic jams, force majeure at work or unexpected childhood illness.

However, if stress does not allow you to fall asleep, you should not snap for sleeping pills. Psychologists recommend to take a relaxing warm bath before going to sleep with the addition of essential oil of lavender or peppermint, drinking milk and honey on the night, refusing to watch the TV, and the dream will not make you wait a long time.

Bad Habits

There is a misconception that alcohol and nicotine have a calming and relaxing effect, which means they can promote a good sleep.

In fact, nicotine and alcohol stimulate the human nervous system, stimulating brain activity and increasing arterial pressure. Therefore, in people who often eat caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, sleep disturbance is a common occurrence.

Improper nutrition

It is known that by the evening biorhythms of the human body are slowing down. The digestive system also does not work at all, unlike morning and afternoon hours, so it is difficult to digest fat and heavy food in the evening of the stomach. In this case, a calm dream can not be the language.

You do not need to arrange late dinners, and if you want to eat, you can have a bite of yogurt or fruit with high fiber content.

5 reasons for bad sleep
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