The 10 best practices do not fall asleep at work when tired at the weekend

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At the weekend everyone is engaged in various occupations, who rest, and who - works. Of course, work on the weekend is mainly related to home cleaning, trips to the country house and flooding the city, washing, ironing, shopping trips and the market.

But what to do if you are tired of the weekend and can not get a job? Experts have suggested ten tips that help you effectively fight fatigue and sleepiness in the workplace:

1. Water, in which it is necessary not only to drink in large quantities, but also to wash it. For example, sitting at the table in front of the computer at work, you felt that now you are ticking your nose into the keyboard, then get up and go, wash it with cold water, drink a glass of clean water - cheerfulness will appear instantly.

2. During the break, you must necessarily go out to fresh air, so that the brain is saturated with oxygen. Of course, the weather in Ukraine is now absolutely not annual, there is no sun, but after the rain the air is fresh and clean. If you can not leave the work area, then open windows to open the air to ventilate the room.

3. Stand and jump or sit several times on the chair and back back to the standing position, such exercises will quickly lead you to a feeling.

4. Eat sour fruit or any fresh vegetables, a handful of berries or just a salad. Light food will not allow you to immerse yourself in the state of apathy, but heavy, fatty food in large quantities affects the body in reverse order, that is, makes you feel tired and humiliates sleepiness.

5. Always bring an orange or lemon to work, as soon as you begin to nap, immediately cut a piece of fruit and inhale its fragrance, and then eat a piece. With their help you will quickly wake up.

6. If you have the opportunity still to sleep, even while sitting, then you are asleep to health, only 15 minutes will be enough for you. Waking up, drink a cup of fragrant coffee and today you will not want to sleep until the evening.

7. Talk to colleagues, call your family and talk to them. And even better, laugh out of your heart, just a few fun and really funny anecdotes inspire you in the charge of vivacity.

8. To charge with energy - have a snack. It is best to eat nuts, they contain all the necessary vitamins and trace elements that fill the energy balance in the body.

9. Get involved in hard mental work, all the more so if this is your direct responsibility. Get started and you will never sleep.

10. If at all the situation has become tense, then turn away from work, put order on the table and around your workplace.

The 10 best practices do not fall asleep at work when tired at the weekend
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