8 Shades Of Schizophrenia

American experts in psychiatric genetics have made a breakthrough in understanding the biological nature of schizophrenia and confirm earlier the assumption that the basis of the disease is not the mutations in individual genes, but the complex cross-links of many genes. As a result, it turned out that in the case of schizophrenia, it is not about one disease, but about eight genetically different diseases, each of which has its own set of symptoms.

Masks From Acne

Applying masks from acne, follow the basic rules: 1. Do not use mixtures, the ingredients of which is an allergic reaction. 2. In the process of making masks on the basis of clay and body do not use metal utensils. 3. Before the procedure thoroughly clean the skin. 4. Do not apply the mixture on the area around the eyes and lips.

Application Of Clay From Cellulite

There are many ways to fight cellulite. Many of them suggest certain effects on the skin through various substances, and quite often you can find recipes scrubs, mixtures for wraps from cellulite to clay. Almost any clay rejuvenates the skin. In addition, it improves the color of the skin, cleans it, tones up.

Gymnastics Qigong

Chinese gymnastics Qigong is one of the oldest health-improving techniques, aimed at restoring human health and gaining longevity and well-being. Practice uses healing methods carefully collected and passed on to their descendants over 7,000 years ago by sages from China, combining exercises and breathing gymnastics.

How To Sunbathe

In terms of skin physiology, sunburn is a protective reaction from sunlight. Histologically, that is, at the cell level, it is a deposit of melanin pigment in the skin epithelium. A tanned person looks rested and freshened. Much worse when the skin is covered with blistering. Therefore, it's important to know how to sunbathe properly so that you do not get sunburns.

Physical Weight Loss Exercise For Men

A man can lose weight by means of regular training against the background of a restrictive diet. Minimum men need to do weight loss exercise three times a week. Such classes will promote the maintenance of normal metabolism and weight loss. To see the first results, you will have to train for about a month.

Proper Skin Care Around The Eyes

The skin around the eyes is about ten times thinner than on the face, and the sebaceous glands in it are much smaller. At the same time, the burden on the skin around the eyes is much higher, because we are always blinking, smiling, wobbly, angry or laughing, talking, carrying out thousands of mimic movements.

The Invention Of A Work-Surgeon Embedded In Mri

A new type of surgical robot is designed for minor invasive operations with epilepsy. The surgical needle is slightly over a millimeter thick inserted into the brain of the patient through the cheek, without the need to do trepanation of the skull. This makes the operation much faster and safer and reduces the recovery period.

Which Is Better To Choose A Slimming Sport

Sports is the most effective method of weight loss. You can take advantage of active training, jogging or yoga classes. Also, excellent ways to lose weight and keep the body in tune - swimming, dancing, training on simulators with the use of sports equipment. However, which kind of weight loss sport is to choose to get the best results?

New Way Of Eating: Minus Kilograms Per Day

In today's society there is an incredibly huge amount of all kinds of diets, but doctors recommend not to be attracted to monotonous diets, as they provide a good result in terms of weight loss, and health is difficult to call them useful. Under the new way of eating it means that you need to eat five times a day with certain dishes and foods: Monday.

8 Ways To Use Lemon For Health And Beauty

1. With hyperpigmentation: lemon contains natural components for skin illumination. For lighting, a mask of 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, natural yogurt and honey is used, it should be applied to the skin once a day for 20 minutes. Spotting is a slow process that takes some time. Be sure to use sunscreen, as the lemons make the skin sensitive to light.

The Recipe For "Monastyris Syrup" For A Healthy And "Pure" Liver

It is logical to refer to the recipes of folk medicine when a person wants to prevent the development of any diseases associated with internal organs. The liver is one of the most important organs of the human body and its health depends on our health, so we need to take care of her and maintain her health at the highest level.

About The Intricacies Of Plastic Surgery And How To Prepare Them

Can you name the top of the most popular plastic operations? What do people want to change most? If we talk about general statistics in the field of aesthetic surgery, then I do not have data on our country because it is not available in accessible form. I use the results of the annual research of ASAPS (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery).

After 36 Years In 33 Countries Of The World There Will Be No Tuberculosis

By estimates, WHO will be able to defeat tuberculosis in countries with a low incidence rate by 2050. WHO and European Respiratory Society experts presented a program to combat tuberculosis in 33 countries of the world. In the first stage, by 2035, the level of morbidity should be up to 10 new cases per year for 1 million inhabitants per year.

After 50 Years, People Will Forever Forget About Cancer

According to Spanish scientists, in 50 years, people will forget about cancer - a disease that now kills about 8,000 people each year. Such a forecast is quite real, taking into account the speed of development of medical technologies. In particular, cancer will be defeated by the emergence of new drugs targeting the most complex types of cancer, as well as the fight against metastasis.

Alzheimer'S Disease: Scientists At The Beginning Of The Path

Scientists continue to unravel complex brain changes associated with the emergence and progression of Alzheimer's disease. It is likely that brain damage begins about ten years before memory and other cognitive problems become apparent. In this preclinical stage of Alzheimer's disease it seems that it proceeds asymptomatic, but toxic changes, however, occur.

Americans Were Offered To Grow Gmos At Home

Two years ago, American scientists presented the world with the unique technology CRISPR / Cas9, which allows you to change the genome of living organisms. The essence of the method lies in the effect on the molecular mechanism of protection, which scientists were able to force the DNA fragments of the cell to change their desired way.

Among Suicides There Are No Egoists

As a rule, people decide to commit suicide because they feel a burden to family or friends. Also, they often feel a sense of hopelessness and are convinced that pain will never happen. These are the findings of the researchers, writes Pro Bono Australia. Meanwhile, many consider suicide as an egoistic act.

The 10 Best Practices Do Not Fall Asleep At Work When Tired At The Weekend

At the weekend everyone is engaged in various occupations, who rest, and who - works. Of course, work on the weekend is mainly related to home cleaning, trips to the country house and flooding the city, washing, ironing, shopping trips and the market. But what to do if you are tired of the weekend and can not get a job?

Anorexia Affects Not Only Women - Research

Disorders of eating behavior include anorexia, bulimia and overeating. It is widespread that only women can suffer from eating disorders. This false stereotype is also widespread among medical workers, according to researchers. However, new data from British scientists suggest that a strong sex is equally vulnerable to such a threat.