Bone Cancer

Bone cancer is a group of malignant tumors that affect the bone system. This oncological illness is probably the most rare. Tumors of bones are most often found in adolescents and children, and very rarely in the elderly. In adults, bone defects are usually associated with metastases from another tumor (lungs, mammary gland, etc.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a typical female cancer. Unfortunately, the number of deaths from cancer increases every year, because it is a deadly disease, which is usually manifested in the late stages. The cause of the disease: a combination of environmental and genetic factors. The risk of breast cancer formation is higher in women who have close blood relatives suffering from such an illness.

Erosion Of The Cervix

The uterus is a part of the uterus that connects it with the vagina. Cervical Structure: 1. Outdoor 2. The inner seats. 3. Surface of the cervix - exocervix (vaginal part) - part of the cervix, available for direct examination during colposcopy or conventional gynecological examination using a vaginal mirror.


Cholera is among the most dangerous bacterial infections that is epidemic. South-East Asia, Latin America, India, Africa - in these countries there are endemic centers and reservoirs of virulent strains of the pathogen, which is explained by the favorable conditions for the bacterial reproduction and life of the bacteria, as well as the presence of a large amount of water for transmission.

Chronic And Acute Colitis

Lucky people who would not have known for their lives, what kind of pain in the intestine, accompanied by bloating and unpleasant grumbling, in the world, there is probably a bit. And this is one of the symptoms of colitis, which can manifest itself episodically, and constantly annoying. Colitis is a chronic or acute inflammation of the inner colon of the large intestine, which often appears on the background of chronic inflammatory bowel disease, as well as bacterial and viral infections, and may be complicated by the inflammatory process in the stomach or small intestines.

Signs Of Syphilis And Its Treatment

Before examining the symptoms of syphilis, determine what causes the disease. Pathogen syphilis - pale treponema. In the form of a pale treponema spiral-shaped, resembling a corkscrew under a microscope. On average, treponema has 8 to 14 even curls, however, they may be larger or smaller. The characteristic motion of Treponema pallidum is to rotate around its axis, that is, if the analogy with the corkscrew continues, it seems to be screwed up in a split of skin or mucous membrane.


Chlamydia - a venereal disease caused by Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium. This is a microorganism that can not be seen in a conventional microscope because of its small size. Chlamydia exhibits characteristics characteristic of both viruses and bacteria. Chlamydia trachomatis has 18 varieties. Some of them cause trachoma - a dangerous eye disease, several - venereal lymphogranuloma and several - diseases of the genitourinary system in men and women.

Diphtheria In Children

Diphtheria in children is a sharp infectious disease characterized by inflammation of the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract and nasopharynx, as well as, in some cases, of the skin in the places of damage. This disease can lead to a fatal case. The main manifestation is the appearance of fibrinous films of grayish color on the surface of the tonsils and mucous membranes of the oropharynx.

Effective Cystitis Treatment

When detecting the symptoms of a cystitis in yourself or a close person, you should not engage in self-medication. You can always get rid of inflammation of the bladder using modern effective methods of treating cystitis in women who offer medicine. Therapy, as a rule, includes the use of medicines, diet therapy, auxiliary use of folk remedies and physiotherapy.

Epithelial Coccygeal Course

Epithelial coccygeal stroke - a narrow cavity under the skin of the croissant-cougar region, which opens to the skin with one or more holes strictly in the line between the buttocks. This disease is a congenital anomaly of development and occurs quite often, but for a long time may not manifest itself.

Intestinal Dysbiosis

Complete digestion of food and protection of the body are impossible without the participation of microbes living in the intestines. Intestinal dysbiosis is a condition in which the composition of microorganisms inhabiting the intestines is changing (the beneficial bacteria becomes less and harmful, respectively, more), which leads to a disruption of the gastrointestinal tract.

Is It Harmful To Smoke Hookah?

A simple device for smoking tobacco with a shaft and a long flexible bobuk, with a water filter, is called hookah. Many people consider smoking hookah harmless fun. Is it harmful to smoke hookah? One can not definitely answer this question. Disputes about whether a harmful hookah, is conducted a long time ago.

Life With Parkinson'S Disease

Parkinson's disease is a chronic degenerative disease of the nervous system, in which a person loses the ability to control his movements. The disease develops relatively slowly, but has a tendency to progression. It is a fairly widespread problem - 4% of the elderly suffer from manifestations of parkinsonism.

Lung Cancer Is A Death Sentence Or Hope?

Lung cancer is one of the most common and dangerous oncological diseases. According to its prevalence, it stands in second place (after skin cancer), and in terms of mortality - on the first. Therefore, every person must have at least a general idea of ​​the causes of its occurrence, symptoms, methods of diagnosis and treatment.


Nystagmus is a spontaneous spontaneous recurrent fluctuation of eyeballs that by their nature can be pathological and physiological. For example, nystagmus, which manifests itself in response to rotation in the body or optokinetic drum, serves to maintain optimal vision and is absolutely normal. Eye movements, carried out for fixation on an object, are called foveirovayuschih, and movements that push away the fovea from the object - defovering.


Skin Tobacco - a tobacco leaf dried and crushed to a consistency of powder for a smokeless way of use. The powder mixture can be supplemented by various flavors: lavender, orange flower, peach, cinnamon, etc. As a rule, snuff tobacco is used in the traditional way - by injecting a small portion of the allocated portion of tobacco through the nose.

Polycystic Ovary

Polycystic ovary is an endocrine disorder characterized by a violation of the reproductive and endocrine function of the ovaries. In 15% of women of reproductive age, polycystic ovaries are found, accounting for about 65% of all cases of endocrine infertility. Of course, a certain role of this disease is played by hereditary predisposition.

Smoking Pills

Smoking pills are herbal and artificial herbs intended for the treatment of nicotine addiction. Smoking pills are not a panacea and are not intended to be instantaneously cured of nicotine addiction. These drugs are an auxiliary in the process of treatment of psychological and physiological dependence on nicotine.

The Appearance Of Enlarged Lymph Nodes

Where do lymph nodes appear? Lymph nodes are peripheral organs of the same name, which are endowed with the function of creating a barrier to the immune system. Thus, a lymph node is a filter in the size from 0.5 to 50 mm of pinkish-gray color through which the lymph flows, that is, a liquid that is released by human tissues and organs.

The Main Killer Of Russian Men

British scientists conducted a large-scale sociological study among the population of the Russian Federation on the cause of death in men. The survey was attended by 150,000 volunteers and 50,000 families from Omsk and Barnaul, where the husband died in a family during the past year. According to the study, British professor Richard Peto of Oxford University concluded that alcohol is the main killer of Russian men.